Design-con learnings

UXUI Designathon 2015

I was selected to attend and participate in the UXUI Designathon 2015 conducted by Unicom over the weekend.

This weekend event was spread over two days:

Design Con – 24th April 2015

Designathon – 25th April 2015


My Design Con learnings:

The Design conference had talks by industry experts and hands on workshops to experiment with what we learned that day.

The following are the talks that I attended and my key takeaways from them:


  1. Key note: Past, Present and Future of design by Sudhindra V, Experience Design Director, Digital Experiences Strategist, Sapient
    • virtual store at Korea where QR code is displayed for each product. TO place an order, this is scanned and ordered after making the payment and specifing the delivery location
    • subway entry points where the unpleasant ‘cluck’ sound is heard at regular intervals when users swipe their cards is replaced by pleasant music to make commute enjoyable
    • every week a new person gets to tweet through the Twitter account @sweden, which aims to present the country of Sweden through the mix of skills, experiences and opinions it actually consists of. Through the stories of the various citizens, not one Sweden is conveyed, but several
    • we don’t just create experiences, we shape experiences
    • design for delight
  1. UX Tools for Innovation by Ted Kilian, Chief Experience Officer and Asia Pacific GM, Brilliant Basics
    • innovation is the creation of new value
    • the experience is the value; Apple has demonstrated the value of experience design
    • UX has now moved from ideal to an essential mandate
    • ideas v/s execution – execution is important, ideas are just force multipliers
    • persuation design – it is important to work in context
  1. Driving Delightful Interactions by Jayan Narayanan, Sr. Creative Director, 9.9 Media
    • 5 dimensions of interaction design: words, visual representations, physical objects or space, time and behaviour
    • User emotions: How to do? How am I feeling? How do I know?
    • sensorial design – experiences evoke emotions and emotions become memorable
    • personified digital experiences build brand loyalty
  1. Wearable User Experience Design by Sameer Chavan, Lead- Human Factors Engineering, Intel Corporation
    • change the way you see the world, change the world you see
  1. Workshop: Lean way of Designing Product by Prasad Khose, UX Manager, Synechron Technologies Pvt. Ltd
    • built a persona with user name, behaviour, facts and needs & goals
    • worked on wireframes for a medical history app with a team
  1. Workshop: From an idea to a Successful Product by Atul Manohar, Product Innovation, UX Design, Data Visualization Informatica


My team worked on a heath care app to help patients find a specialist doctor at a location closest to their current location as a project at this workshop.

The following is what we did for the wire framing process for our app, Go Health



Upcoming IT trends

  1. desktop to mobile
  2. searching to relevant info delivered straight to individual (example: google now)
  3. from on premise to cloud to hybrid
  4. IoT
  5. from transactions to interactions
  6. data is the new oil

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