Notes on Human Computer Interaction Seminar 1 by Thad Starner

This is a compilation of my notes on Stanford Human Computer Interaction Seminar (Spring 2011)

Wearable Computing: Assimilating the Next Generation of ‘Borg by Thad Starner

Wearable computers should help us engage with people and not block them off. The video spoof showing us that mobile phones require too much attention was very entertaining. It shows blackberry users wearing a helmet with a camera and safety flags while they are busy using their mobile phones. The tag line read, protect your skull, while you destroy your thumb.

The mobile music touch concept developed by PhD student Tanya really impressed me. This can be used for passive haptic learning. It is designed to help the user learn to play the piano by wearing a pair of special gloves which vibrate. This can be very useful in cases for hand rehabilitation as it assists people who have lost use of their hands. This also helps individuals improve muscle memory. A CNN live tip shows a demo of this device.

Experiments have shown that rehabilitation with a new skill is very beneficial. This has facilitated a superhero style of learning. It has also improved the individual’s ability to grasp and release objects. This has made a big difference to their lives as they can now take care of significant small activities like buttoning up their shirts by themselves.


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