Deadend – It’s all in the mind!

I had been stuck with an issue on my project for 4 weeks straight. Since I was the only one working on this project, it was entirely my responsibility.

Approaches tried:

    1. Re-read language and framework documentation
    2. Mailed a dev friend from another country who took up a session on this for pyladies Bangalore
    3. Mailed two senior developers who were personal contacts
    4. Sat down on a Saturday for the whole day with a friend from the Django meetup community to discuss the cause of the problem
    5. Mailed 3 other people that I found on stack overflow, who had answered questions that were similar to mine
    6. Posted 3 questions on stack overflow
    7. Mailed a former colleague

After doing this, I ran out of ideas!

After two days, when I sat down again with a clear head, I was able to fix the mistake (the discussion I had with my Django meetup community friend helped me to find the part where I had messed up). Thank you!

My takeaway: Persistence pays!

PS: This happened to me in real life

I’d love to hear from you about your experience and what you did when you were faced with a problem for an extended period of time!


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