YES! Team India won the world cup for us!  

‘The current world cup situation between India and Sri Lanka: India (Ram) married World-Cup (Sita) in 1983 and in 1996, Sri Lanka (Raavan) took away the World-Cup (Sita). Now, after fourteen years of Vanvaas, they meet again and you know the result.’
This is the best forward that I have received till date about this World cup.
One day, I can proudly proclaim that I was alive when Team India lifted the world cup after a gap of twenty-eight years. I even wore blue on this day to mark the occasion.
I am basically not a die-hard cricket fan. I usually watch only the last thirty-thirty five minutes of the cricket matches, when India is playing. Thanks to one of my cricket crazy friends who believe that, ‘In India, cricket is a religion and Sachin Tendulkar is God’, things have changed now.
On the eve of the world cup finals, my college gave us a half day and even sent a circular to all the classes stating that the cricket match will be screened in our seminar hall. That was definitely good news! After college, Mum, Dad, my younger sister Aishu and I went to my aunt’s place at Srinivas Nagar to watch the match together.
I watched the match without taking any breaks from the time India started batting. The crowds cheering enthusiastically, the goose bumps felt when the display board read, ‘decision pending’, then showing, ‘not out’ amidst loud clapping and laughing at Sri Lankan bowler, Randiv with my little cousins because he had tucked a towel in his pants at the back, kept me glued to the TV set.
The match was great, and Dhoni ended it perfectly with a six, when we needed a four to win. Ah! That feeling when the TV screen showed- India wins the ICC world cup by 6 wickets, cannot be put into words. I am sure you will echo my sentiments. All our prayers had finally been answered. After the victory lap was telecast on TV, the four of us headed home.
Initially we were apprehensive of the commotion on the streets, but then dad decided to take a chance. The Bangalore roads were filled with vehicles at 11.15 pm with, ‘Chak de.. Chak de India!’ blazing from every other car audio system and people cheering, ‘Go India’, ’India! India!’. The air was filled with lots of energy and excitement. We even stopped at a junction for a while because people were dancing and celebrating in the middle of the road. The sky was filled with lights, due to the rockets and fireworks, it was a spectacular sight.
It may seem insane, but it was fun to randomly wave at the fellow Indians on the roads and congratulate each other because the cup was now ours. It was nice to watch Mum and Dad soak in the happiness and enjoy themselves.
South Bangalore to Frazer Town is an easy fifty-minute drive and last night’s was definitely one that I will remember for a long time. We decided to go via MG Road on our way home, but unfortunately the road was blocked and the police asked us to take an alternate route home.
I kept popping my head out of the window to feel the wind in my hair and generally for the fun element involved. Then, suddenly I asked Mum and Dad if Aishu and I could put our heads out of the window and wave. Luckily for us, they agreed instantly. Aishu and I quickly rolled down the windows of our silver coloured Ford Ikon sedan and gently put a little more than only our heads outside. And trust me, the feeling was plain awesome! I had been under the assumption that such things were possible only in movies, but now I had experienced it. We continued doing it for quite some part of our journey and even took photos of each other across the roof of the car, with our cell phone cameras.
The pictures are not too clear because we were in a moving vehicle at that time. But I am not a bit disappointed because I am sure that, every time I look through these photos, memories of 2nd April 2011, the day Team India created history, will come flooding back to me.
The euphoria and the heady rush that the match victory gave us, is here to stay! JAI HO!
3rd April 2011
Bangalore on April 2, 2012
Bangalore on April 2, 2011

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